The Ultimate Guide to Creating an  Emergency Fund

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"I was struggling financially and reached out to the Ulliance Life Advisor EAP®.  The Ulliance coach helped me come to terms with my gambling issue and I was able to get my finances in line. I am so grateful to the counselor that took the time to really listen to me and ultimately help me.  Thank so much! " 


~ An employee that utilized the Life Advisor EAP®

Emergency Fund: What Is It? And Why It Matters.

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An emergency fund is an account for funds set aside in case of the event of a personal financial dilemma, such as the loss of a job, a debilitating illness or a major repair to your home. 


  • What type of expenses should I reserve the fund for?
  • Why do I need one?
  • How much to save?
  • And more! 

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