Suicide Prevention Toolkit

"After the loss of a well-loved employee, our Ulliance Account Manager came to council our team. The Account Manager from Ulliance was so kind and caring. Having this Critical Incident Stress Debriefing as a part of our EAP made a huge impact on our employees, they experienced firsthand just how much we care about them. We received lots of positive feedback from the 100 employees that attended the stress debriefing." 

~A Large Healthcare Provider

Become more aware of suicidal warnings

Download our Suicide Prevention toolkit here!

Our toolkit will help to increase your knowledge on suicide, how to prevent suicide, and how to talk about it. 

  • Prevention
  • Risk Factors
  • Suicide Hotline and Support
  • And more! 

Simply fill out the form to download the toolkit. Includes, handout, power point presentation and webinar link.