The Opioid Epidemic - Impact on the Workplace

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“Ulliance has been a valued strategic EAP partner with IAC for several years. Due to our high level of satisfaction, we have expanded our services with them to include providing Human Effectiveness Training which has been very well received by our employees.”

~Senior Vice President Human Resources International Automotive Components (IAC)


HR Toolkit - Addressing Opioids in the Workplace

The purpose of this 50 page toolkit is to help employers understand and deal with the opioid epidemic, create a healthier and more productive workforce reduce costs and serve as a starting point for developing a meaningful opioid strategy.

Topics included in your HR Toolkit:

  • What are opioids?
  • Opioids -vs- opiates
  • Understanding the impact
  • Educating employees
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • And more! 

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