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Stephanie Moore

Business Development & Marketing Coordinator

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“TI Automotive has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Ulliance. Even during times of austerity, where every cost is scrutinized, Ulliance’s unique Flexible Visit Model has proven to be the most cost effective and employees appreciated the EAP approach. Ulliance’s professional, direct, hands-on engagement has motivated us to add their Transition Services to our partnership.”

~Chief Human Resources & Communications Officer TI Automotive


What's Your Return on Investment & People?

On average, 31% of employees experience substance abuse or emotional difficulties. Why does this matter to you? When employees manage their personal and work/life challenges within the Ulliance Resolution EAP Model® you can lower your behavioral healthcare claims significantly.

Download our Resolution EAP Model® + case study plug your numbers in to see your cost savings.

What this model will illustrate:

  • Learn the average claim cost  
  • % of issues managed within the EAP
  • Your net savings using this model
  • View 4 year cost savings case study

    Simply fill out the form and download. Crunch the numbers and see for yourself if you are leaving money on the table!